New 8 Week Exchange Training Classes Starting April 9

2 New Exchanged Life Training Tracks Beginning April 9 

Classes will begin Wednesday, April 9 at 10am and also 7pm for The Exchanged Life Training Track. (8 weeks)
Cost: $250 (includes manual; 9 CD set & a ministry session)
Location: 2800 Antoine; Suite 2842
Previous students free except for ministry sessions.

Click here to register.
The Exchange Ministry
The Exchange is a discipleship ministry developed by Becky Castle of Cornelius Connection International. The Exchange is a process of equipping and training people to live the life they were meant to live in God by yielding to the work of Christ's death and resurrection.  We all have exchanged the truth of Who God is and who we are meant to be, believing lies that hinder us from God's plan of fullness.  We can learn the truth of God for us, learning to exchange core beliefs for the truth: what God says about Himself and us.  The Exchange brings dramatic transformation in a short amount of time, often eliminating the need for years of counseling. Sign up for an Exchange Ministry Session today!


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Replay Now Available

Here is the replay from when Global Spheres Houston met with Chuck Pierce to worship together and intercede corporately to "Open the Door for Glory from the Northeast! Click Here to listen.

Corporate Gathering
APOSTOLIC CENTER DEDICATION WITH CHUCK PIERCE is now uploaded! Check out Media/Current Replays for this and other recent messages. Click here to listen to Becky Castle's 'Wrestling Through into the New' from this weekend.

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